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Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something, okay? I'm really rich. You're a little peasent to me so you fucking should listen to me before i order my secret service agents to blow your little pathethic head off with a .50 cal while you're eating your stupid ice cream on your moms patio. My fed connection gave me your search history, so I know everything about you. I know you prefer Glock over Beretta, I know you want an anime waifu, I know you secretly like Hello Kitty, and I also know you want that Ferrari, that Patek Philippe and a whole lot of Gucci. You know, me and you, we're not so different, we both had something stolen by Sleepy Joe. He is harvesting your bioenergy everyday to power his voting body of 6th gen npc libtards. As if those sons of bitches didn't already steal my presidency, now they've even stolen my Rolex Presidential while i was in the penn making friends with Tyrone. Join me on my mission to retake the white house and I'll get you all the riches you could ever want. You want to stop the war in Ukraine, no problem i'll call my friend Vlad and we'll stop it. You don't want to stop the war so you can sell your Mk 153's to the paramilitary in Ukraine and the Kremlin, no problem, daddy Trump can do it all.

Trump head

You want to be rich? YOU NEED TO MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA.



  1. Stealth launch
  2. Presidential Rolex
  3. Mclaren 765lt
  4. Become a president
  5. $PRESI replaces $USD as official currency
  6. To thank my supporters I will leak my wife's titties

Our new laws

During my next presidency I, Daddy Trump, will adopt some new laws, based on the Twitter polls on our official Turbo Trump Twitter.

Some of the laws include:

  • No tax on import of bad bitches
  • No federal tax for $PRESI holders
  • No speed limit so you can race your Porsche 911 Turbo
    that you bought with $PRESI profits
  • Ban of women's hip-hop
  • Lifting the Cuban embargo allowing
    free flow of cuban cigars to the US
  • No fat bitches in clubs, raves and crypto conferences
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